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(Archidioecesis Urbis Beninensis)

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The Archdiocese is divided into three deaneries:

1.    Blessed Virgin Mary, Eyaen
2.    Immaculate Conception Parish, Ugo
3.    Regina mundi Parish, Evbuarhue
4.    St Gabriel Catholic Church, Urora
5.    St. Bede Parish, Ugha
6.    St. Bernard Parish, Eguaholor
7.    St. Edward Parish, Ogbahu
8.    St. Francis Parish, Otta
9.    St. Gabriel Parish, Oza
10.    St. Gabriel, Urora
11.    St. Jude Parish, Urhonigbe
12.    St. Lucy Parish, Okhuokhuo-Isi
13.    St. Mary Parish, Oke
14.    St. Mary Parish, Uvbe
15.    St. Matthew Parish, Obagie-Ohenze
16.    St. Michael Parish, Evboesi
17.    St. Michael Parish, Ikhueniro
18.    St. Patrick Parish, Ehor , c/o Box 35, Benin City
19.    St. Thomas Aquinas Parish, Box 5, Abudu

1.    Archangel Gabriel Parish, Sapele Road, Benin City.
2.    Ascension Catholic Chapliancy, Oko
3.    Assumption Catholic Church, Uteh
4.    Blessed Tansi Parish, New Benin, Benin City
5.    Holy Cross Cathedral, Mission Road, Box 53, Benin City, Edo State
6.    Holy Spirit Parish, Box 4773, Benin City
7.    Holy Trinity Parish, Oka , c/o Box 579, Benin City
8.    Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, St. Saviour Road, Benin City.
9.    Mother of the Redeemer Catholic Church, Oka
10.    Sacred Heart Parish, Evbuoriaria, c/o Box 14916, Benin City
11.    St. Agatha Catholic Church, Off Erediawa, Off Upper Sokponba Road, Benin City.
12.    St. Andrew Parish, Ugbiyoko c/o Box 35, Benin City
13.    St. Anthony Catholic Church , Evbutubu,
14.    St. Augustine Parish, Box 2072, Benin City
15.    St. Fidelis Parish, Aduwawa, c/o Box 13100, Benin City
16.    St. Francis Parish, Ekenwan Road, c/o Box 35, Benin City
17.    St. George Parish, Oregbeni, c/o Box 35, Benin City
18.    St. John Vianney Parish, Sapele Road Benin City
19.    St. Joseph Parish, Box 579, Benin City.
20.    St. Jude Parish, Iwogban, Ikpoba Hill, Box 8699, Benin City, Edo State
21.    St. Maria Goretti Parish, Dumez Road, Box 14916, Benin City Edo State
22.    St. Mark, Ohovbe, Benin City
23.    St. Mary Catholic Church, Iyanomo
24.    St. Matthew Parish, Ogba, Benin City
25.    St. Matthias Parish, Ologbo, c/o Box 5, Benin City
26.    St. Mulumba Parish  M. M. Way, Benin City
27.    St. Paul Parish, Airport Road, Box 5544, Benin City,
28.    St. Peter Catholic Church, Ugbor, G.R. A Benin City
29.    St. Teresa Parish, Box 1214, Benin City
30.    St. Thomas Aquinas Parish, Ogbeson, Ikpoba Hill, Box 13100, B/City
31.    St. Valentine Parish, Evbotubu, Benin City

1.    Blessed Teresa Parish, Uwelu
2.    Holy Rosary Catholic Church Ugbowo, Benin City.
3.    Mary the Queen Parish, Iguosa
4.    Ss. Peter and Paul Parish, Usen
5.    St Alphonsus Parish, Ekosodin
6.    St. Albert Parish, University of Benin, P.M.B. 1154, Benin City.
7.    St. Andrew Parish, Odiguetue
8.    St. Andrew Parish, Iguobazuwa
9.    St. Augustine Parish, NIFOR, P.M.B. 1030, Benin City
10.    St. Benedict Parish, Egor
11.    St. Francis Parish, Ugbogui
12.    St. Gabriel Parish, Okada
13.    St. Gregory Parish, Iguediaken (Ekiadolor)
14.    St. Joseph Parish, Okomu
15.    St. Lawrence Parish, Igbogor
16.    St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Odigwuetue
17.    St. Monica Parish, Useh, Benin City
18.    St. Patrick Parish, Ugbowo, c/o Box 35, Benin City.
19.    St. Paul Parish, Osse
20.    St. Peter Parish, Udo
21.    St. Stephen  Parish, Egbeta , c/o NIFOR Box 1030, Benin City

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