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Army Chaplaincy
1.    St. Anne Chaplaincy, S & T Barracks, Uselu
2.    St. Jude Catholic Church, Ekenwan Barracks, Benin City
3.    St. Joseph Chaplaincy, Isihor, Benin City.
4.    St. Patrick Chaplaincy, Ikpoba Hill, Benin City.

Police Chaplaincy
1.    St. Andrew Police Catholic Chaplaincy, Esigie Barracks
2.    St. Michael Police Catholic Chaplaincy, Ogida Barracks
3.    St. Charles Police Catholic Chaplaincy, MTD Barracks
4.    St. David Police Catholic Chaplaincy, Adesuwa Barracks

Airforce Chaplaincy
1.    Ascension Catholic Chaplaincy, Oko Benin City   

Prelature of the Holy Cross and Opus Dei, c/o Fr Simon A.Ugwu
Isiuwa Study Centre, No. 12, 15th Street, EDPA, Ugbowo, Benin City

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